Legal construction

Xootle B.V. (Dutch Ltd) and Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation were officially founded through a notary in the Netherlands according to Dutch law.
They each have their own entity and are both situated in Zwolle.

Xootle BV
100% = 15,000,000 shares
12,000,000 certified shares, 100% profits, no voting rights
80% shareholder, Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation, 0% profits, voting rights
20% shareholder, Xootle Holding B.V., 3,000,000 shares, 100% profits, voting rights

Just for information purposes

Dutch financial authorities, Ministry of Justice & Chamber of Commerce

Belastingdienst = TAX Authority
Chamber Of Commerce
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Finance
AFM = Authority Financial Market
ACM = Authority Consumer & Market



  • Xootle B.V. has ownership of the Xootles before sales begin.
  • 10,000,000,000 Xootles are reserved for promotional purposes.
  • KYC (Know Your Client) verification is required if the value of the coins is more than € 200.00 per order.


  • Each certificate holder will be added to an official certificate register by The Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation.
  • KYC (Know Your Client) verification is required to purchase certificates.

Certificate holders privacy

In the Netherlands a certificate holder is anonymous to the outside world. This means that Xootle B.V. or Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation will not publish or share the identity of the certificate holders. With the exception when the Dutch government comes with a legal order to share this information. The certificate register is not connected to the internet.


  • There will be no Dutch Sandwich TAX construction.
  • All taxes will be paid in the Netherlands according to Dutch law.

UBO register

UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner. In the case of a Dutch primary entity buying more than 25% of all certificates, the entity needs to register at the UBO register. UBOs of foreign companies are not included in the register. The same applies to legal entities with a principal or secondary place of business in the Netherlands. They will have to comply with the regulations in the country where they are incorporated.

How will the money flow?

All crypto payments, will be converted to the stable coin USDC.
All FIAT payments will be converted to euros.

On December 31st the value of the USDC income is calculated. The value is converted to the exchange rate of the Euro against the USD.

To determine the exchange rate, a EUR-USD exchange rate is requested from 6 continents on 31st December GMT 00.00. These rates are added together and divided by 6. This creates an average rate which is used in the calculation. The converted value in Euros plus the income received in Euros together form the turnover of Xootle B.V. on December 31st as reported to the tax authorities.

Profit Pay-outs

Banking accounts outside the SEPA zone: USDC or ADA.
Banking accounts inside the SEPA zone: EUR, USDC or ADA.


As soon as a stable and reliable Euro coin is available, we will use this coin to minimize currency fluctuations.
More payout options will become available.

Legal Conditions and own Risk Waiver

Making money = Pay (income) TAX in YOUR country. Always consult your TAX adviser.

Xootle B.V. is a Dutch company and Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation is a Dutch foundation. Therefore, the rules and law in the Netherlands and no other rules and law, apply to you (the buyer), Xootle B.V. and Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation; and nowhere else.

It is of course possible that you (the buyer) are living, working and doing business in another country other than in the Netherlands, where local rules and legislation apply other than those of the Netherlands. Most probably those rules are based on common sense and logic; i.e. when A is promised, than A should be delivered. If delivery cannot be executed, then an equal product or service must be delivered or reimbursement is in order.

But sometimes lawyers, private persons or companies are just intent on making a case to be able to generate hours that can be claimed and are billable. And sometimes the reason for being in the media is because of free advertising. Xootle cannot and will not tolerate this kind of behavior because this has nothing to do with conducting business openly and honestly.

Therefore, if you would like to invest in our SCCO, software usage and development, commissions from booking sites, sales of payment systems and our company, it must be understood that we will do our best to keep our promises. We also like making money which means that we are all aiming for the same goal.

Buying Xootles and/or a certificate, is a 100% transaction and property-value in the Netherlands and not, for example, in the country you are a resident of. A certificate gives you the right to get Xootle B.V. profits however a certificate does not give you meeting and voting rights. See also chapter: Xootle certificates explained.

To be quite clear: Do not buy Xootle coins (tokens) or Xootle certificates if you:

  1. are not an adult
  2. don’t want to agree with the Dutch law without any reservation
  3. don’t have enough money to risk losing your investment
  4. don’t understand what you are doing
  5. don’t understand that you can lose money and need to take responsibility for your investment
  6. take advantage of Xootle BV and/or Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation
  7. are a citizen of a country where it is not allowed to do business with the EU and/or USA
  8. are not allowed by your government to buy or sell Xootle coins or certificates
  9. sue us

Xootle BV and the Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation have their legal domicile in Zwolle – the Netherlands. This means that if there is a legal dispute, this will be dealt with in the Netherlands in court in the district of Zwolle. If for any reason there is a legal dispute, you will need to hire a Dutch lawyer or legal adviser. Procedures will be in the Dutch language. There are many Dutch lawyers and advisers who speak English, German, French and Spanish. The general terms and conditions of Xootle BV apply and can be found on the website of


Information document - Dutch only

As with any purchase or investment, there are risks.

The following external causes, which may occur outside Xootle B.V., may cause Xootle B.V. services to cease to function in part or to be completely non-functional.

  1. Public authorities prohibiting the use of Xootles and/or Xootle certificates in whatever form, by whatever name and by whatever means.
  2. Public authorities shutting down Xootle B.V. services and products in whatever form, by whatever name and by whatever means.
  3. Long-term inaccessibility of Xootle B.V. services and products by hackers.
  4. If the market has determined that it no longer wants to use the services and products of Xootle B.V., or no longer wants to use them to a sufficient extent, so that the company can no longer be profitable and no longer has a financial reserve.

As a result of these causes, it is possible that Xootle B.V. is no longer viable and your investment may be lost.

It is possible that if you wish to sell your Xootles or a Xootle certificate, you will not be able to do so or will only be able to do so if you make a loss on the sale of your Xootles and/or Xootle certificates. Xootles and Xootle certificates are not taken back by Xootle B.V. However, during certain sales periods you can exchange Xootles for Xootle certificates.

Therefore, only invest amounts that you can afford to lose!

Xootle corporate culture reduces risk

In order to reduce risks, Xootle B.V. has a leading corporate culture.

  1. Xootle B.V. will do its utmost to manage the company and remain profitable.
  2. The corporate culture of Xootle B.V. does not consist of giving bonuses and exorbitant remuneration to directors and employees.
  3. The culture of Xootle B.V. is to strive for a profitable business where growth must come from more customers and more services.
  4. Certificate holders will have to settle for a profit in the form of a percentage of turnover.
  5. Profit growth (in terms of profit percentage) is not a goal of Xootle B.V. but can be a side effect.
  6. Profit growth must never come from raising rates for its clients, laying off staff or cutting back on quality. Reasonableness is the standard at Xootle B.V.
  7. Xootle B.V. strives to pursue a morally responsible policy.
  8. Xootle B.V.'s motto is: for the customers by the customers.