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Xootle in a nutshell

1. Are you interested in paying less booking commissions?

  • We are an online booking company with our own global booking sites.
  • A booking entity only pays 1 to 2% commission.
  • Exclusively for booking entities we have "Reserved Certificates".
    During the first year our Commission Discount Card is for free!
  • Click here for more information or order your reserved certificate and become a certificate (share) holder of Xootle B.V.

2. Are you interested in making money?

  • Xootle offers certificates (shares) available to everyone, starting from 25 euros.
    Receive an annual distribution of profits.
  • 35% of the turnover goes to the certificate holders!
  • We develop and sell booking software to both individuals and companies.
  • Click here for our business opportunity or order your certificates and/or Xootles now.

3. Interested in both?

  • Our booking sites operate with low prices and more profit for the accommodations.
  • We offer digital tokens (Xootles) to both individuals and businesses.
  • With Xootle smart contracts, risk-free transactions can be made, such as down payments or an auction for a weekend getaway.
  • Buy as many certificates as you like during the pre-sale or sales period.

4. Why buy certificates and Xootles now?

  • Certificates and Xootles are at their lowest price during the presale and sales period.
  • Click here to buy certificates and/or Xootles against the lowest price.
  • Or buy Xootles cheaply now and exchange them for certificates later.
  • Still not convinced? Give us a call or send us a ticket via our supportcenter.

Our white paper contains all information in one PDF document!

Be part of a booking, software and blockchain developing company.

Xootle Certificates explained

What is a Xootle certificate?

One certificate is the equivalent of one Xootle share. As a certificate holder you will receive yearly payouts.

What is a Xootle reserved certificate?

One certificate is the equivalent of one Xootle share. As a reserved certificate holder you will receive yearly payouts and 5% discount on software sold via Xootle B.V. During the first year you will receive a free 1% discount on booking commissions via the Commission Discount Card. After the first year the booking entity can continue the Commission Discount Card program for a modest amount and save 1% booking commissions.

Xootle certficate example

Why a certificate?

In the Netherlands, a visit to a notary is mandatory to be allowed the transfer of shares. Unfortunately, notary expenses often exceed the value of the share(s). Not to mention the possible travel costs involved. Furthermore, transferring 12 million shares to 12 million new owners would be impracticable. In comparison: a Xootle certificate does not require the presence of a notary, thus enabling easy transfer. The shares are placed in a foundation where each share equals a certificate. This is a frequently used, legal construction.

After having purchased a certificate, one is free to sell the certificate again at a later date. Each transfer needs the approval of the chairman of Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation after which the transfer can be carried out. Transfers costs, for making the necessary adjustments in the certificate register, entail € 5.00 per certificate/batch. Each certificate holder is registered in an offline, non-public, certificate register.

Another advantage of a certificate as opposed to a share, is that a certificate holder is fully entitled to profit sharing, but has no voting rights. The Foundation has all the voting rights of the shares. The Stichting Xootle Trust Foundation is a non-profit foundation for ensuring continuity and prevention of a hostile takeover of Xootle B.V. This makes Xootle B.V. a reliable company, also for the long term.

Is this an official certificate?

Yes, definitely. All 12 million certificates are officially certified by a notary. All certificates are numbered starting with certificate number C1 and ending with certificate number C12000000.

explanation xootle certficates

How many certificates are available?

A total of 12 million certificates are available of which eight million certificates are available to everyone. Four million certificates are exclusively reserved until 2026 for companies with a booking-system such as hotels, rental companies, B&Bs, campsites, bungalow parks, restaurants, ticket companies, and more.

What is the maximum amount of certificates one can buy?

A maximum of 8.000.000 certificates is available to everyone. There is no limit as to how many certificates one can buy out of these 8,000,000 certificates. 4,000,000 certificates are exclusively reserved for booking businesses. From these reserved certificates, one certificate per booking business is allowed.

Xootle Commission Discount Card
Xootle certficate example

Xootle certificates

  • Receive a discount on booking fees & software
  • Get yearly pay-outs
  • Profit by bookings from hotels, holiday homes, B&B, restaurants and more
  • Profit by Xootle coins sales
  • Profit by using software systems such as: ERP, CMS, PMS, POS, Finance, e-commerce
  • Profit by using blockchain systems**
Xootle coin side view

Xootle coin explained

Xootle characteristics

Xootle is a zero decimal cryptocurrency.
It facilitates small payments and low payment costs. If in the future the use of decimals becomes a possibility, then two decimals will be used for the Xootle coin.

Max. Xootles = 210,000,000,000,000,000 (two hundred and ten quadrillion)
Name = XOO
One Xootle = 1
Decimals = 0

Bitcoin characteristics (in comparison)

Max. Bitcoins = 21,000,000 (twenty one million)
Name = BTC
One Bitcoin = 1.00000000
Decimals = 8
One Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC
Max. Satoshis = 2,100,000,000,000,000 (two point one quadrillion)
Xootle coin front view

Xootle coin – XOO

  • Buy and sell the coin
  • Exchange Xootles for certificates
  • Invest and pay with the coin
  • Get discounts / promotions
  • Send and receive Xootles
  • Low costs payment traffic
  • Blockchain technology
  • Extended function for software
Cardano logo

Cardano network

Xootle makes use of the Cardano network.
The rationale is that Cardano was rolled out only after mathematicians, academics, governments and the business community were able to provide years of input to build a blockchain network that could be used by anyone.

Cardano is a self-running network that is almost completely decentralized. Also, from its design, Cardano has taken into account that transfer fees and transfer speed are well regulated. Cardano’s own coin is called ADA.

Cardano is a trademark of the Cardano Foundation, CHE-184.477.354


To use Xootles a Cardano wallet is required. For better security we also advise acquiring a hardware wallet. We recommend using the Ledger hardware wallet.

Daedalus wallet: - Yoroi wallet: - Ada Lite wallet:

Our white paper contains all information in one PDF document!

blockchain contract

Use of Xootles *

Stable value

Xootles were created for additional functions for existing processes, new processes and software.

Xootles are not designed for speculation like other blockchain projects. The value of a Xootle is 0.01 euro and will remain 0.01 euro. Of course, based on the condition that the euro continues to exist and remains stable. Should a more stable currency become available in the future, we will not hesitate to change to this more stable currency as the basis of our Xootle rate.

blockchain speculation

Still a bit of speculation from the Xootle coin?

When buying Xootles cheaply during pre-sale, sales and after-sales, Xootles can be sold, resold or exchanged for certificates. Certificates will allow you to receive annual profit payments. Xootle B.V. therefore focuses on the long term.


Xootles can be used to give recurring customers a discount when making use of your services again. The amount of Xootles given for a discount is up to you.

blockchain payment

Down payments

Deposits can be made with Xootles. As soon as the invoice has been paid in full, with your preferred payment method, the Xootles can be refunded.


Xootles can be sent to a special address where a so-called smart contract receives the Xootles. A voucher is then automatically sent to the sender.

blockchain auction


An auction with Xootles can easily be set up. The highest or fastest bidder is automatically selected. Fully automated and guaranteed bidder payment.


When someone signs up for a newsletter, Xootles can be sent as a reward for signing up.


Tickets can be created simply by using Xootles. A ticket is automatically sent to the customer.

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