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we are Xootle

Everyone who owns a share receives a yearly reward.
Everyone can get a good deal.
Booking companies, such as hotels, B&Bs, and rental agencies, can save a lot of money.

Xootle, The 1% Booking Channel!

For Everyone

Make money with Xootle

For Booking Companies

Pay only 1% commissions

1. Are you interested in making money?

  • Xootle offers certificates (shares) available to everyone, starting from 25 euros.
    Receive an annual distribution of profits.
  • 35% of the turnover goes to the certificate holders!
  • We develop and sell booking software to both individuals and companies.
  • Click here for our business opportunity or order your certificates and/or Xootles now.

2. Are you interested in paying less booking commissions?

  • We are an online booking company with our own global booking sites.
  • A booking entity only pays 1 to 2% commission.
  • Exclusively for booking entities we have "Reserved Certificates".
    During the first year our Commission Discount Card is for free!
  • Click here for more information or order your reserved certificate and become a certificate (share) holder of Xootle B.V.

3. Interested in both?

  • Our booking sites operate with low prices and more profit for the accommodations.
  • We offer digital tokens (Xootles) to both individuals and businesses.
  • With Xootle smart contracts, risk-free transactions can be made, such as down payments or an auction for a weekend getaway.
  • Buy as many certificates as you like during the pre-sale or sales period.

4. Why buy certificates and Xootles now?

  • Certificates and Xootles are at their lowest price during the presale and sales period.
  • Click here to buy certificates and/or Xootles against the lowest price.
  • Or buy Xootles cheaply now and exchange them for certificates later.
  • Still not convinced? Give us a call or send us a ticket via our supportcenter.

Our white paper contains all information in one PDF document!

Be part of a booking, software and blockchain developing company.